About Platinum Pets

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Platinum Pets® is an independent pet brand for people and their pets. Our ambition is to create colorful, quality products that match your pets personality, your home, or seasonal mood.

Our bowls, diners, tags and other products are all designed for your pets safety and optimum health. We welcome you to browse through our collection and look forward to having you in our Platinum Pets® community!

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We're making an impact

Each time you purchase from Platinum Pets®, you are helping to supply one of our partnered pet programs with the products they need to accomplish their missions. Here are just a few of our most recent recipients:

Good pets deserve great design

We're passionate about making pet products that are as beautiful as they are functional, because your best friend deserves the best. We obsess over each and every detail (like searching through thousands of chips to find that perfect hue) and ensure our designs use the best sourced materials and follow all current veterinary recommendations.

We love pets and the earth

Our products are powder coated here in the U.S. by our skilled painters using green technology that doesn't generate harmful solvents or airborne pollutants that you would see in traditional wet painting processes.

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