Enhance your pet's dining and outdoor experience with our durable line of food scoops and other accessories.


Fur-Saver Collars

This collar was explicitly designed not to snag your pet's fur or chafe its skin.


Himalayan Dog Chews

Using traditional and natural methods, our Dog Chews are created by the indigenous people of the Himalayan mountains.

Stainless Steel Food Scoops

Food Scoops

An ergonomic handle provides a satisfying grip on our food scoops.

Stainless Steel Wall Bone Hanger

Leash Hanger

Add personality to any spot with this whimsical leash hook design.

Food Mat

Food Mat

Dishwasher safe, easy to clean and disinfect, with a lipped border to prevent the spill of water or food.

Replacement Silicone Rims

Replacement Silicone Rims

For use on both the Non-Tip Bowl and Individual Diner Bowl.

Mesh Vest

Mesh Harness

Upgrade your walks with our cushioned, lightweight harness that’s simple to secure and easy to link up and release.

Stanley Winter Vest

Stanley Winter Vest

When temperatures drop, our Stanley Winter Vest gives your dog the warmth and protection they need.