Dog Collars

Whether you prefer deep and vivid hues or gentle pastels, we’ve got the perfect collar for your pet. Pair the collar of your choice with a leash in matching color to complete the ensemble.

Leather Collars

Leather never goes out of style. That’s why we use it as the base for this classic collar. The spike accents in the color of your choosing add a bit of flair. Designed for safety and comfort, the leather in this collar is supple, yet durable to withstand those daily walks and runs regardless of the weather.

Available in sizes 7.5" - 20"

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Chain Training Collars

Your dog's transformation from freewheeling pup to self-possessed companion will happen in style with a training collar in your favorite color.

Available in sizes 14" -26"

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Fur Saver Collars

This collar was explicitly designed not to snag your dog's fur or chafe its skin.

Available in sizes 19" - 30"

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Prong Collars

Training your canine couldn’t be easier with our prong collar, which provides safe, gentle and effective guidance to your dog.

Available in sizes 14" - 22"

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